Whether as an individual or in a group setting, this is a place where you can present cases, ask questions, share concerns, and ultimately come to the best vision of the kind of guidance and the essence of the clinical or spiritual counseling practice you want to develop.  Case consultation can be scheduled by phone, video, or in-office visits. 

            Whether you are emerging from years of academic work and beginning your professional life in private practice, or engaging a new career later in life (as I did), having access to guidance when and how you need it can be critically important. 

            Whether you become part of our group or choose to receive consultation about your clients individually on an as-needed basis, my goal is to help increase your acumen, skill, confidence, and (above all) your relationship to compassion as you engage in the work of counseling others, helping them to tolerate discomfort and guiding them in and through their deepest challenges. We also can discuss professional goals and identify the skills and strategies necessary to reach them.  If there is openness, we can also explore parallels in your personal process as a way to deepen your understanding of the work you are doing with clients.

            Whether you are an AMFT, licensed clinician in private practice, LCSW, or spiritual counselor seeking guidance, I'd like to help you feel more prepared, confident, and inspired to do the in-depth work you want to offer in the world. 


            Most professionals I have worked with come with varied levels of competency and needs depending on past experience and career trajectory.  Collaboration includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

Santa Monica office
  • Bio-Psycho-Social and Risk Assessment

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment Plan Development

  • Cultural Competency

  • Therapeutic Interventions

  • Developmental Theories

  • Spiritual/Existential Issues

  • Community Resource Coordination

  • Legal and Ethical Standards

           Group work provides a unique opportunity to receive constructive feedback and ideas from me as well as from a diverse group of peers.  It is expected that all participants will present cases and provide concise, helpful input for others.  My goal for all who seek consultation is to create a community–a stimulating, safe environment that encourages progressive thought and professional growth with a focus, regardless of theory or approach, on compassion and camaraderie. 

            You can rely on this kind of process not only to help the individuals and couples you are working with, but also to help you evolve and grow, both personally and professionally.

            I will be accepting applications for a Supervision Group by Videoconference for those restrained by commute or location.  You will have the opportunity to both learn from a diverse group of colleagues as you also sharpen your ability to present the poignancy of your clinical cases in the most precise ways possible, enabling a more effective counseling experience for your clients. If you have interest in this program, please write a brief history of your experience and background and what you would most be interested in focusing on in a group setting.