Couples Counseling  |  Spiritual Prenuptial

Relationship work can be transformational

            I’m not saying it’s easy.  Addressing disappointment or anger, or simply being unable to achieve the kind of intimacy you’d like to have with your partner, requires dedication.  Often we feel alone, misunderstood, and confused by failed attempts to make things work.  Becoming deeply aware of hidden emotions—and learning how and when it’s best to express them—can lead to profound healing.  I guide couples in discerning the underlying feelings and unmet needs that pose challenges.  We learn communication practices that embrace sensitivity, directness, passion, and tenderness so that you can learn to express and share your deepest convictions with each other in safety, regardless of the issues you might be facing.

            We explore and envision how you would like your future together to be, whether the relationship has just begun, is decades long, or is about to dissolve.  We’ll get clarity on the challenges that have to be addressed.  We will discern ways to respond in the face of conflict, mistrust, financial issues, family concerns, health issues, and differing lifestyle choices.  Some areas of important focus are:

  • Becoming more attuned and connected energetically, affectionately, and sexually.

  • Learning to constructively communicate preferences, needs, and desires.

  • Learning attachment styles and conflict-resolution practices that lessen tensions and create safety with and in each other.

  • Overcoming obstacles related to remarriage, blended families, parenting, and life transitions, divorce, and co-parenting.

  • Defining the spectrum of commitment, empathizing with grief, rebuilding trust, or ending a partnership.

  • Dealing with mental or physical health issues, and how better to care for one another or to solicit the help that’s needed.

  • Learning attachment patterns and tendencies and the emotions woven into dynamics that create suffering.

  • Exploring life focus and potential for shared inspiration or community involvement for those so inclined.

  • Discovering and expressing your deepest convictions, what they mean and how they affect your partner.

            I offer continual encouragement for couples to express their hearts and to engage in authentic relationships.