Authentic Relationships  |  Grief Work Group

We live in a society that seems to need a ready escape from feelings of grief and loss–at all costs.  We distract ourselves–deflect, stay busy, watch TV, go online, shop, collect things, drink, use substances–all in an unconscious avoidance of feeling our deepest pain and suffering.  

            As the most profound human emotion, grief manifests for all sorts of reasons, not just the death of a loved one.  There's unnamed grief and daily grief, and (probably the most shocking to our systems) the sudden loss that comes knocking at the door.  

            Times of mourning are not necessarily times for trying to understand anything.  We may feel exhaustion, confusion, anger, frustration, dismay, and lack of trust or faith.  It is in this limbo that we can benefit deeply from the support of a group.  There’s power in telling your story.  Not only does it create immediate and profound connections with other people, the empathy and compassionate resonance within the group process can lead to profound healing.    



            If we are supported when we drop into feeling loss and grief, we start to understand ourselves in a whole new way.  Anyone who has suffered sudden loss understands how in one moment, everything changes.  It affects us to the core:  a quickening of the soul, an alteration of the DNA.  Unexpectedly, it also can be a true opportunity to have faith in a compassionate process in which we will molt—shedding the parts of us that are no longer applicable, creating a new working model in the present. 

            We all grieve differently.  Each situation requires a specifically refined approach:  Groups can meet once for an extended period, or meet weekly or monthly as needed.  Participants can include immediate or extended family, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances.  I can lead groups in my office, a client's home, or a place of business.  (Travel fees apply.)