Couples Counseling  |  Spiritual Prenuptial

You're in love, have found your "soul mate" and are envisioning a journey together that is lasting...

You know things don't stay perfect forever.  At some point there inevitably will be disagreements, loss, conflicts, hurt feelings, anger. You are ready to do the work now to preserve the preciousness of this relationship for the future, but aren't sure where to start...

Unlike a marital prenuptial--ultimately about protecting property, a Spiritual Prenuptial is about co-creating the vision for a life together that can be truly extraordinary. Not one that looks perfect from the outside,  but a dedicated journey that includes commitment to being and becoming, as authentically 'yourselves' with one another, as you are ale. You are earnestly committing to developing a conscious, nourishing, and fulfilling relationship, and while not knowing exactly how it will unfold, you're inspired by the notion of giving it your all.

This 30 day immersion experience includes 4 weekly 120 minute sessions where you will learn

The Art Of Sacred Communication Practices so that you each are supported to:

  • Identify, understand and articulate your feelings, challenges, and needs in a respectful way. The process honors your painful experiences, prevents toxic build up of resentment, and maximizes the possibilities of fulfilling needs and desires.
  • Develop the capacity for expressing vulnerability and allowing your partner to 'see' you, and be with you in a way that is comforting and safe, allowing hearts to be more unified..
  • Learn to communicate difficult topics skillfully with your lover, and take ownership without blame or criticism.
  • Develop an empathic language for and with each other, to soothe and comfort during times of distress.
  • Explore subtle realms of self expression with one another including tone of voice and body language, so you can understand your impact on each other and begin to transform habitual reactive patterns into intimacy and strength.

You will receive supportive materials and assignments to reinforce a fuller integration of what you learn in each session. Find ways to keep the spark alive and work through the challenges that come your way in order to create a conscious, loving relationship that lasts a lifetime.