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Shelley Pearce: Professional Bio

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Shelley Pearce is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Nonsectarian Minister. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a student of contemplative wisdom traditions.

She integrates a broad spectrum of approaches in her individual and couples therapy that help deepen the relationship to yourself and others in a way that supports healing and deeper fulfillment.

Shelley currently serves as President of California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists LA Chapter, Director of Humanistic Spirituality, and is a board member of Global Bridge Humanitarian Foundation.  

She previously served as the Community and Cultural Director at Wilkes University, Chairperson of the Cultural Council of Luzerne County, and as Adjudicator for the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts.

Shelley’s passion intersects people, spirituality, creativity, wisdom and inspiration. Her contributions have led to being honored with Community Leader Of The Year by NEIU 19, the PA state organization servicing three counties and twenty school districts. Her direction of programming for the Humanistic Spirituality website led to receiving the Culture Unplugged International Film Festival award for Compassionate Theme.

Shelley has a private psychotherapy and consultation practice in Santa Monica, California.  She is inspired by psycho-existential paths like Humanistic Spirituality and the Diamond Approach which integrate psychology, spirituality, and deepening the relationship to consciousness in ways that are profound yet practical and grounding. 

The diversity of professional, academic, volunteer, and life experience, and ongoing dedication to seeking a more conscious and compassionate life continually inform and inspire Shelley's counseling practice.

Education And Training Qualifications:

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC84781
  • President -  CAMFT Los Angeles Chapter Board of Directors
  • CA Assoc. of Marriage and Family Therapists Lifetime clinical member
  • American Association of Psychotherapists clinical member
  • Ordained Nonsectarian Minister AIWP #0848717
  • CA Board of Behavioral Sciences former approved C.E.U Provider
  • Natl. Assoc. of Social Workers past Continuing Education Provider
  • Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology--Phillips Graduate University 

My Story:   

I'm honored by the degree of trust that individuals put in me every single day. It's partially why I'd like to share my personal history with you. As a postmodern trained therapist, I believe in collaboration and a level of transparency, rather than a hierarchical clinician-patient relationship in which I'm diagnosing patients with some particular "pathology."

I believe that a gentle empathy and receptiveness is what allows for feelings and insights to be expressed safely.  I strive for that. But I probably equally convey direct observations, interpretations, and at times intervene with strength---as needed.

I'm trained in cognitive behavioral, mindfulness practices, existential therapy and other modalities that I synthesize uniquely in every session, depending on clients and individual circumstances and what is being called for. 

As a psychotherapist, I believe that my state of presence, open heart, and capacity to guide and teach are the most essential qualities I offer in the quest for a successful collaboration that supports dessired change.  My work with you requires me to earn your trust, in order to help you, evolve.  

I love my work, and counseling has been a part of my professional experience since my early twenties. My own path of exploration includes meditation and dialectic inquiry practice. Through investigation of spiritual and contemplative traditions, cultural and psychosocial realms and exploration of my own psychology and experience, I've discovered a tremendous love for personal growth in all it's opportunities, and being a source of support for others to explore and pursue their own goals, truth, and existential path.  

My career began in the financial world.  As an investment advisor, I enjoyed understanding peoples' values as it related to their personal and macro-economics. How we earn, spend, plan for future, and take care of those individuals and organizations we care about says a lot about who we are, or perhaps who we would like to be. Finding the right financial groove, power dynamics around money, and choices that effect our relationships almost inevitably come up in therapeutic conversations with clients. I feel at ease with the subject, and find it to be a window into values, choices, and also goals.

LA CAMFT Board of Directors

LA CAMFT Board of Directors

As a university director, I felt privileged being surrounded by people who were dynamically creative and dedicated to learning and expressing important messages through the arts. My responsibilities included running a visual and performing arts conservatory, and we were fortunate to be able to produce events with social justice themes and philosophical depth as well as great entertainment for it's own sake.  Working in this profoundly imaginative environment was an inspiration, and observing the earnestness, resilience, and evolution of students through the span of their educations was a joy for me. I continue to work with gifted creative individuals in my practice today.  My background in the arts and education allows for a depth of understanding, and an open field of receptivity as support for the creative process, and the mental prep and dedication necessary to implement, especially if it has to do with infusing highest values into your work--a true sweet spot in my counseling practice.

Being a parent, step-parent, daughter, sister, life partner, and friend to many have helped me understand and identify with the many challenges, fears and joys that are universal to individuals and families. 

When I began counseling I knew I'd found a true calling. I am at ease and have enjoyed working with people from all walks of life; people of affluence and power, professionals, prisoners, creatives, elders, kids, couples, groups. I limit my time currently to working only with adults and enjoy exploring the experiences of all stages of life we face, including all of the profound and mundane ways we look at or approach death. Even when the issues are extremely challenging, on the worst of days, I still feel blessed to have made this kind of work my calling. 

I encourage you to contact me to discuss your needs and see if we may be a good fit.