As a psychotherapist I offer a gentle, empathic style that creates safety for feelings and insights to be expressed.  

I can also at times be strong, directive, or interpretive as needed, given the client and their unique circumstances.  My training is eclectic, and among others, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness, and existential practices significantly inform my work. 

Fundamentally however, my belief is that the therapist's state of presence, curiosity, open heart, and capacity to guide and teach are the most essential qualities for a successful collaboration toward healing and growth.  I promise you I give it my all...  It’s a relationship that requires significant trust, especially when opening into places that we know we need, or want, to change about ourselves, especially if we're not sure where to start. These areas of vulnerability so often remain private, leaving missed opportunities for true healing.

I seek to respond with a sensitive combination of attention, penetrating intuitiveness, and caring insight, that is unique to each individual or couple. Together we explore the feelings, needs, values, and beliefs that will lead to the most congruent choices in wanting a life where we care for our hearts and minds, our loved ones…and the world too.

We will also find ways to access your best or wisest self as a guide in responding to the many challenges we face. I encourage clients to explore and open into areas of their inner world and inviting the pain, or anything else in life, that could benefit from compassionate attention…

Far from 'pathologizing’ issues, the focus is more intent on deepening awareness of isolated internal thoughts and feelings, family patterns or stories, personal histories, trauma and their effect on current lifestyle and way of being, while honoring as sacred the whole person with many gifts. With insight synthesized from this therapeutic dialogue, I will support you to discover your best path forward, and also train in "being in the moment" as we move through life. I tune in to and support a client's unique communicated experience and way of being, underneath ways you may be mislabeling yourself-- and focus on how to support awareness, understanding, and healing. I work well with feelings of anxiety, early wounds, emptiness, and clients' relationship to unworthiness, shame, grief, and of course anger--in its many forms. Our conversations may be more existential if called for, around death and impermanence, for instance, or the relationship to spirituality or consciousness. 

I encourage client feedback about our work together--what resonates, certainly if it does not, and how we may continually refine our contact more deeply toward trust, expressing your truth, and transformation. Regardless of specific individual goals, I invite you

seek centeredness, engage qualities that feel natural to you and continually envision your most compassionate path.