Have you largely "done what you're supposed to do” but still feel there's something missing?  You have good people in your life, but wonder why the relationships are not as meaningful as they could be...You sense that a good deal of habits and patterns, in this culture especially, and areas in your own life, breed emptiness. You want to embrace life, in all its complexities, in a healthier and more fulfilling way, and are eager to explore the terrain of your life with an intention toward healing.

It's within our closest relationships where we have the most potential for growth, and where we also face uncomfortable feelings and conflict...which ironically, are the perfect things to work with. It's not easy, but


when you actually face feelings of fear, anger, loss, deficiency...something settles within

And when you taste the sense of groundedness and presence that can be experienced there, something ignites. It's one of the deepest ways that human hearts connect. Together we can process  feelings of unease, anxiety, emptiness, grief, or feelings of inadequacy or depression.

Ways We Can Work Together...

Ready to make growth, connection, and fulfillment a priority?

You will learn how to work with and understand those feelings as the starting point, so that you can be in more alignment with your highest needs and values, and attune more with those you love.  

So many in our culture experience self-rejection about everything they are not. Compassion for yourself (and others) will expand through our work together.  Refining the way you look at and interact with the world, and being seen and validated for who you really are, especially amongst the struggles, are the starting points. Our work is about discerning the edges and nooks and crannies of who you are in this moment and all moments and then finding skillful ways to be and reveal yourself in the world. Initially, acknowledging and understanding your challenges is where the path begins to open to you.  As an Integrative Psychotherapist I approach our collaboration in a direct yet heartfelt manner. I offer warmth and strength, as is called upon. Our inquiry and deeper insights can create the motivation for finding fulfillment as a lifelong path.