Couples counseling is some of the most meaningful, challenging, and inspiring work there is.

Whether it’s addressing challenges of, mistrust or anger, or helplessness hopelessness that things will not change, sexual inadequacies, frustration, shame, isolation, or experiencing the feeling of being unseen or misunderstood. I can help.

I guide couples in discerning what they are feeling, and the underlying or unmet needs that are posing challenges.  We engage in communication practices that allow for more sensitivity and directness both, to optimize the chances for achieving what individuals want, and finding paths toward recalibration when certain needs simply can't be met by the other...

I help each partner navigate the terrain of emotional intimacy while at the same time standing true in their own sense of self and autonomy.  For some it’s learning to be more expressive, for others its finding ways to contain the flames of emotionality that hinder safety and trust. For some it's about sharing their erotic longings, and desires for novelty, for many it's about acknowledging self consciousness and fears of intimacy.

You will explore and envision your future together, whether the relationship has just begun or is decades long. We’ll collaborate on discerning and making commitments as to how each partner handles challenges when they arise.  We'll strategize how to respond in the face of conflict, mistrust, health challenges, financial and family concerns, and differing lifestyle choices including:

  • Financial disagreements and practical household and lifestyle responsibilities
  • Overcoming obstacles with remarriage, blended families, parenting, and life transitions
  • Becoming more attuned and connected energetically, affectionately, and sexually and honestly communicating about preferences, needs, and desires for novelty
  • Conflict Resolution Support: I will guide you through various communication practices that lessen tensions, deepen trust in each other and open the process of sharing your truths with sensitivity that will allow each person to be heard and respected
  • Infidelity is an area that requires special handling, including the decision to stay together or end the relationship, holding feelings of grief, rebuilding trust
  • Mental or physical health issues, including addiction
  • Fear of losing the relationship or being alone, and how that effects power dynamics
  • Making decisions to adjust or leave the relationship when it seems like the best option option.
  • The potential for a collaborative life focus that includes but goes beyond the relationship itself.
  • In our work together you’ll experience encouragement toward deeper emotional and physical intimacy, through communication practices, courageous sharing, active listening, and  dedication to the relationship itself, as a commitment.

Couples I work with get more in touch with and entitled to living their truth, expressing their hearts,  becoming more compassionate, and having more authentic relationships with everyone in their lives.