Relationship is the foundation of our lives, both to ourselves and with others.

Whether you are currently struggling or simply want to be the best you could be in partnership, as a family member, or friend, this is a group that will help you learn to navigate the terrain of optimizing relationship.

Group therapy is a powerful venue for self-exploration as well as connection, and can offer profound insights about who we are and how we currently relate to the world. When we deepen awareness of ourselves, have the courage to acknowledge those challenged areas and work on them, and have more acceptance of who we authentically are, we empower ourselves to be better in all our relationships. 

In a confidential and supportive setting, each individual's uniqueness is allowed to emerge through meditation and inquiry.  As we develop more depth awareness of the way we think, feel, and interact, and begin to reveal areas of grief and vulnerability, we can then begin to discern precisely what we need to grow and evolve. Through the process of sharing with trusted individuals who are also working to find fulfillment in their own unique ways, we reveal aspects of ourselves and get to see tendencies or patterns that may be hindering our quest to living in a more contented way. Through this process of looking at our interiority and interacting with others, each member will gain insight into strengths, weaknesses, develop more boldness to face fears, and learn how to optimize every moment that's possible.

Participation is by interview or invitation, with careful consideration given to the individuals being brought together as it relates to age, gender, life goals, values, etc. 

Group meets twice monthly for 2-3 hours. 

Call or email if interested in learning about or participating in group work.